Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yours Truly Hosting Sway Monday 8th, 2008

Yippie! It's Baby Rox's Birthday Celebration, and I am Hosting!

I have never ever hosted a party before, and I am very excited! Please come out, buy some drinks, get drunk, dance, support me and Baby Rox!

I did the flyer too.

Missie Rich

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Flyer Post

This flyer was for a party I did a few weeks back, sorry it's such a late post...didn't go to the party, have no clue how it was or anything of that nature. This flyer turned out pretty cool, I like it...

Missie Rich

Monday, December 1, 2008


Brooklyn Loft Party, very fun night, very special night, many people came together to celebrate the life of Verdery K. I didn't know her, but I can tell she was a special young lady, and a lot of people in that room felt the same way. It was a very interesting night filled with emotions, filled with joy and a really good performance by Theophilus London who performed a song he recorded with Vergie, and I can say the song is amazing, she had to have been a very talented girl. Erika who I met through a mutual friend, is so cute, and fun, just look at the pics.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shyvonne's Birthday Flyer

Shyvonne, an Amazing Unique Talented friend of mine, is celebrating her Birthday this weekend, and she asked me to do the Invite/Flyer for her Birthday Brunch. She is such a cutesy bow loving girl just like I so, I had such fun doing it! Peep My new logo.

Invite only...if you did not receive this Invite via Shyvonne's e-mail address, you know the flow, how it goes, don't need to say much is a public venue however...pick and chose your battles wisely. Oh and I like to ramble. (wink)

Peace & Graphics

Monday, November 24, 2008

JCDC Rocks MY LEGO World!

JCDC VS LEGO from Four H on Vimeo.

Super Cute Video! Lego Runway by Fashion Icon JCDC!

Kalyn is Hustler

What you thought, I wasn't? I hustle.

How Could She Be So Heartless?

"And now you want to get me back, and you gone show me, so you walk around like you don't know me, you got a new friend, well I got homies, but in the end its still so lonely"

This Video is graphically pleasing! As a graphic designer, with a passion for pop art, this Video satisfies my eyes. Not to mention the lyrics, this is the part of the relationship when its wrong, he's wrong, and he realizes it, but the woman is gone. That happens to be the point of no return, and that's when he wants you back, and how dare you leave him, no matter if he did you wrong? So in return the woman is seemingly heartless, well this song is for me. Yeah to Ye'....

Living The Nightmare part of My Dreams

I never knew pursuing my dreams of Happiness, and having my own clothing line could be so hard. These past few months have been a total blur of sadness, I can't remember each day, all I can seem to remember are just bad moments, of let down, dissatisfaction, and starvation. I have found myself, shutting out the world at times, drowning my pain out by listening to the same sad songs. I try and still smile because everyone doesn't need to know I'm hurting deep down inside. It seems like I am living Murphy's Law "if something can go wrong, it will". I am slowly getting rid of people who I feel may be destructing to my life and goals, then there are the people who I feel are pretending to be there, because they need me at times, and because I'm such a sucker for helping I am always there. I feel myself needing certain people in my life, and lets be honest, what is life with out friends? No life at all right? Well at the end of the day, I only have myself, and that sometimes is all I need, but it happens to be lonely. I have so much emotion, so many issues, and I feel like there is no one there to listen to me, not lend me advice but just listen to me. What I put into this universe comes back to me, with that being said, I am my own worst enemy right now. I think being on my own, and having to struggle is going to make me stronger, but at this point I feel low, and weak. I am not this type of person, to be so down, but it shows, and everyone wants to know, so I am revealing my true feelings and emotions. "I wish I didn't care, because if I didn't a lot of people, their actions, would not affect me". It is so cold out side, and I am not motivated to do much but I am pushing through, because I am better than wasted talent. As stressed out as I am, there is a reason to smile, because "this too shall pass", I will get over this nightmare, I will live the happy part soon again. I am scared of what will happen if I stop trying, stop caring and let myself get out of control. Losing a job twice in a span of three months, has got me feeling like I am at the bottom. Having to chose to eat one day, or have pocket money is a constant battle I go through on a daily basis. Caring for someone who seems to be drifting away by the days, is painful too. If I could go someplace warm, someplace that is carefree, where everyone smiles, some place tropical, where I can be worry free, I'd love to go. It does not have to be real, or physical, I just need to feel that way.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Late Halloween Post

My Halloween night was soo weird. I ended up at a House Party in Manhattan, on Christopher street. If you're familiar with that area, you know off jump the costumes were going to be insane as well as the people. I got drunk in about 15mins, off Moet! I had so many cups. We took some awesome pictures, that night, but during the party someone stole Zena's camera, so I don't have many pictures from that night :(. I can't really disclose much of what happened that night, yes that intense! My roommate Zena was throwing up in the bathroom for over two hours, never seen a human lose so much liquid that wasn't giving birth or being shot! I was so drunk I could barely see, and I had my good ole homie Calledner to come get me and my roommate Zena from the party and drive us home safely. I thank him for that!

My Weekend

So, aside from the mess on Saturday evening, I had a fun weekend. Lost of BBMin' with my new pal :P. I had a chance to eat at some great places. Cafeteria, my all time favorite for MAC & Cheese....its fucking BOMB, me and my roomie Zena shared the Mac ATTACK which is a tasting of three different M&C's! An orginal mac, one with bacon and the other is made with truffle oil. We also had their spinach and artichoke dip, followed by Meat loaf cooked and seasoned to perfection, and topped our night off with Red Velvet cake, it was good, but not as good as Cake Man Raven. I also went to a new spot in Brooklyn Called Foot prints which is home to the "Rasta Pasta" and many good drinks. The food was a party in my mouth, I just got done eating the left overs, and it was soooooo tasty. I had the rasta pasta with shrimp and grilled chicken, and every bite was soo good, the sauce was cheesy, sweet yet tangy. I had a Rum Punch that TKO'd my ass, and also a Banana Martini. They have drinks of all sorts, called crazy things like cocaine shooter, fuzzy dick so on and so forth...The atmosphere was grown and sexy, the vibe was so right in that place. I can't wait to go back. Check out the pics.


Had not been to Sway in a while, party was crazy. One picture, enuff said.

Married to the M.O.B

So, I applied for this Graphic Design position at M.O.B. Lanie of Hellz Bellz shot me over an e-mail telling me they were hiring. Boy was I excited!! The interview went amazingly well, I got to meet with the other graphic artist as well as Leah, the owner. I was given a project to do, they gave me an image of this Chanel bag, and I was to recreate the all over print and then do a logo T. I thought long and hard about what I was going to do, and you can see the image above. Sadly I didn't get the job, and I am still bitter about it! -_- That job could have really taken my life to the right plateau! Being that I love street wear, being that fashion and graphics is my passion and I myself am a MOST OFFICIAL BITCH! Everything happens for a reason, and I am hoping Lanie will recruit me at Hellz Bellz, because that would be even better! I have a picture I took with Sara from the MOB X Nike Collabo party (see above). Party was dope, wish i'd be partying and working with M.O.B, but the show must go on, I must get over it...


Please comment and tell me what you think of my designs.

Nails Look Too DOPE!

Yeah so even though money is tight, I find the $13.00 "fill-in" money. Getting my nails done is therapeutic and fun!

Sorry ALL

So I have been on hiatus for a while!! Shit is getting crazy in New York! Not all bad, but the bad things have consumed me to the point where I have just not been on-line like that. I am currently jobless, living off my savings, and trying to still smile. It is hard, but I will not give up on my dreams. This guy who will remain nameless, had been there for me for a long while and shit between him and I is on the rocks, and I really need him now, and he's being very Kanye West these days. I want more than anything to start my own clothing line and that seems to get pushed back more and more by the day. I am stuck in NY for Thanksgiving and Christmas, because I have lost my job and can't afford to fly home. It is forcing me to become more independent, which is not a bad thing, but more than that I am home sick and just want to be with my family. I just have not felt like bloggin, but I am back at it.

Stay tuned

Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Night of Freestyling

Now, I am no rapper, but I take chances, and I like having fun! It is late at night, and I am bored.


Old, shit from the summer, I remember, umm my friend (no names) had made it special for him, liked my Texas accent, and I told him, I could spit a little, I am nice off the top, on days when I have nothing else better to do, so here it is!

I have another, will post soon!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

End Of Time

This girl sounds amazing with little effort! I have no Idea who she is, but the first song she sings "End of Time", she sounds better than Beyonce!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Single Ladies

This is the original dance for Beyonce's new single Single Ladies! This is Gwen Verdon, getting it, and she doing a damn good job!! WoW! I thought it was new choreography but, its all good, to pay Homage!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

55DSL Flyer

This is the last step to the Flyer! The Text, I am happy with the outcome! I am so proud of myself, I think it looks damn good!

Friday, October 24, 2008

55DSL Flyer

More design elements added to the flyer I am working on and I love how it is turning out!

ALL I have to do now, is freak out the text!


Somebody Loves You Baby!

Plies, is an amazing rapper, no matter anyone has to say. The beat with Patti on the hook wow! This song is on my playlist, on repeat right now! I gotta say big ups to Plies for this one!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Good Talent, Goes FAR!!

If you read my blog, or maybe no one does, and I am just talking to myself!? LOL! You probably saw, the Flyer I did, for the Twins Ricky & Dee's Birthday Party! Well apparently, it was seen by some good eyes, because a Woman from 55DSL contacted me telling me she loved my artwork and wants me to design the flyer for the new pop up store in Orange County! This is major for me because 55DSL is owned by Diesel and this flyer will be seen by a lot of people, people all over the world. I have been feeling like giving up lately, and people take my artwork for granted, or not to be creative enough to get paid for. This is just a blessing, and I am very happy that I am working with such a big company. I must say Thanks to Dee for showing off my flyer! I know he believes in my work!! Whoohoo! So this is just the background I designed for the flyer, it is not yet done, but I love how it looks so far!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hello Kitty Water Fountain

How in the fuck can you call yourself my friend, and not one of my friends, that is from NEW YORK or lives here who travels to Manhattan or lives there told me about this!? I am literally in tears because I could have taken pictures at this Awesome sight! I am fucking upset, as all hell because now the fountain is gone, to Paris to be shown off there for a few months! I could have made so many memories at this fountain, but no, no one told me about this! Tom Sachs is the creator, with no permisson from Sanrio, he created this, and ooh how I would have loved to at least see it! This is History, and I guess no one is aware of my Hello Kitty Tattoos, or my love of Hello Kitty! ANGRY! If I could afford to go to Paris I'd go just to see this, do nothing else while I am there but sit at this fountain!
In the swanky New York City neighborhood of Park Avenue, you would have found a 21-foot Hello Kitty statue, two 10-foot tall bronze fountains one of Hello Kitty and the other of Miffy, and My Melody, but guess what it's been gone since September 6th!
FUCK! :(

Mod Nails

Mikes Nice Nails
Very Mod RIGHT or maybe Piet Mondrian!
Utica Ave

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pictures From Ricky & Dee's Birthday Party

Good Cake
Beautiful People
Great Music
Tasty Burgers
It was FUN!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Beyonce fiya! owwww

So everyone is buzzing about this video! Hitting me up, because everyone says I look like B and that I need to see this video! That I would love it,, oooh boy do I! Needless to say I have watched it 10 times today, I got some of the dance moves down and all the words! I hope this video reminds everyone that knows me about me, cause that means I'm a sexy Beast!!! The girl on the right getting it too something serious! I love the open leg butterfly dance, will be doing that all to myself in my room! Lol! This video is super dope! Us Texas girls with the thicky thickums be gettin' it OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Love it love it! <3!

Benjamin Bixby

I have been waiting for Andre 3000 to come out with his own line separate from OutKast clothing (remember that) for some time now!! I am currently single, but I had a boo, and I was going to purchase him the cardigan you see above for Christmas (saving up of course)! He would have loved it, as do I, but I will spend the $595.00 on myself at Rugby now, since him & I are no longer dating! This will be a cold winter, probably the coldest winter ever since I now have no one to cuddle with, make food for, and talk with! Pardon my tangents I can go on and on but I know everyone is sick of hearing about my love life as I am sick of talking about it. A few of these pics you see above were taken at Barneys Celebration of Benjamin Bixby's Fall 08 - Spring 09 Menswear Collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2009 at Barneys New York on September 4, 2008 in New York City. The white fellow is Barney's creative director Simon Doonan. The line is inspired by 1930's and drawn from old college football documentaries. The collection consists of 70 pieces, raging from $100-$2,000 and you can purchase pieces at Barneys co/op!. I like the photo ads they are very reminiscent of my grandparents photo's! I am just in love with the line, the classic style, similar to Ralp Lauren, which brings joy to my heart because its such a timeless look! Oh how I would love to see my old boo in a bixby cardigan, so dreamy! Ahhwell :P