Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shyvonne Sings "Crazy"

I love this girl, her personality, her voice, her friendship and our Movie Days!

This song always gives me goosebumps!

Dee & Ricky Rock Band Party!!

Check out this BOMB ASS Flier I did! Twin Ricky & Dee are doing it again. Another great party in the making...whoohoo!

Watch the video, was posted on HypeBeast ;)

Check the flyer, posted in yah face :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Radio Rose Logo Update

So with design there are always changes. With a tad bit of revamping, Rose and I discussed a couple of changes, that we both agree on and absolutely love. Feel free to comment.

Flyer Post

I am at a loss for words. Only because I talk too damn much lol! I have not been faithfully bloging because I have been consumed with being selfish. It is the truth. I have realized what is most important to me, and the number one thing for me right now is Success! So I will be posting more of my artwork! It's 5:20am and I have been awake since 12:00pm, working. Anywhoo, I didn't really know what to do for this flyer, but as you may or may not know, I like to incorporate body parts in my artwork, things like lips, legs, butts and thighs. I spent most of the time surfing the net, looking for ideas and found none. I listened to every Kanye West album, found some motivation on "The College Dropout" needless to say, my flyer does have a "Chicago" theme. I get better each time I visit adobe illustrator. So I hope you all like this flyer. Sorry for the slow honestly is a sign of laziness, but I am on my grind...not lying...well maybe just a lil (wink)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy One Year Anniversary KALYN!

One year ago today, I flew into New York City to start my internship at Billionaire Boy's Club/Ice Cream Clothing. That went on for five months, after that, I fell in love with NYC and I decided to stay! I have met so many great people in this one year! I have had laughs, cries, falls, success and challenges. Most of all I am still here and I am still pushing forward! ::Pats Self On Back::

Kira Plastinina Files For Bankruptcy

It is a moderately cold day, not sure the exact date but it is sometime in December, I know for sure its Friday. Me and my roommate Zena will often take a day no matter the weather to head down to SoHo grab a bite to eat from our favorite Cuban restaurant "La Esquina" and do some mild shopping (this is how we bond). This day was no different, we usually hit up the same stores, Urban, Kira P., H&M. We always take the D train to BWay + Lafayette, with such energy we glide up the steps to our favorite spot in NYC SoHo, right at the corner of Broadway and Houston we go, walking South down BWay I see a "50% off everything, entire store" sign written in bright pink chalk outside Kira P. So me, loving her cute clothing, rushes in and I find some great deals. I get a pair of patent leather ankle booties and this cute little pink bubble skirt. In the back of my mind, I am asking myself why is everything in the store half off. I jokingly mention to Zena who is trying on clothes, "They've gotta be going out of business". I quickly respond by saying "I'm kidding". We chat with the few employees in this 3 story store who don't seem to be as happy as we are to be getting such great deals. We whisk away bags in hand to continue onto Forever 21...

I take my buddy Erika to Kira P. a week later, where there is that faithful sign again, but this time it says "70% of entire store until Sunday"! Luckily I had my receipt with me and I was able to get my boots and skirt price adjusted! None-the-less neither Erika or I saw anything we wanted, so we proceeded to H&M...

I am shopped out and on my way to Texas, I am there for Two weeks. I get back to NY New Year's Eve, mad that its so cold here...

Now speed you up to current January 15, 2009. Zena and I are in SOHO, its cold as frozen Lima beans out, but yes we in SOHO! We walk pass Kira P., the lights are out, that same chalk board sign is now sitting locked behind the glass door, no longer does it read "sale", it now reads "Out of Business", in the same pink chalk!

So apparently the buzz is that Kira the 16 year old designer from Russia who has over 40 stores there, was not such a big hit in the US. With two stores in NYC And the other ten spread across California, the Fashionista's saw nothing above or beyond extraordinary about her designs. Her Father who is one of Russia's wealthiest businessmen, making a name for himself in the dairy industry. Has put up over 100 million into his daughters dreams of being the youngest designer with a chain of stores. Sadly, he now owes investor's 54 million dollars, which due to the lack of interest in the clothing, the economic woes of post 9-11, opening 12 stores in under 2 years with no increasing revenue is forcing Mr. Plastinina to shut down all US stores. I am a little sad, only because Fashion is my passion and I know how hard it is to live your dream, and have others not feed into it as you'd like them to. However, Kira is young, she can bounce back from this, if she has the courage.

I own a few items from the store, and I can honestly say, when the store opened in Spring 08' I thought it would be a hit. However the fall/winter designs were not as cute or different from anything we get for much less at H&M or Forever.

I believe the website isn't shutting down. Just click the tittle of this post.

Shitter Twitter!

My good blogging buddy/real life friend/ bbm textual intercourse lover/ party pal is the best ranter ever. Better than Kanye West. There's this new website called Twitter, where you post what is it that you're doing like every few minuets. I also share the same view with her but by no means could I have explained it so well. Below is her post, that I have posted here. Please leave comments. Visit her Blog Visit Twitter if you dare

"If you don't know how Twitter works, watching the above will be helpful before reading my impassioned prose/rant.

Twitter is creepy and although I have no affiliation with Facebook, other than that I use it and the creator and I went to the same high school, I find statements saying “Facebook status updates are analogous to tweets,” (really people… “tweets”?!) a little offensive. I mean it’s true, they are quite similar…but there’s so much to Facebook, whereas Twitter is simply CREEPY.

As a networking tool, Facebook kills. It allows you to share all manner of videos, pictures, articles, rants, links, games, etc. with people across the globe. It enables you to keep in better touch and maintain connections with people you do not interact with daily as well as the people you do. While you certainly have the option of updating your current status, keeping people informed about what their friends, family, co-workers, associates, cyber acquaintances, neighbors, and grocers are doing is NOT Facebook’s only reason for existence.

In my experience, most status updates aren't even necessarily indications of what a person is doing at any given time. More often than not, they are song lyrics, pithy quotes, links to YouTube videos, gibberish, or blank. And even if Mrs. Fields DOES write in her status box that she’s baking warm and nourishing homemade cookies and she actually IS baking warm and nourishing homemade cookies, Facebook is a good way to stay connected; Twitter is a stalker’s dream.

All Twitter does is provide a forum for you to update your every move and the ability for people to be kept abreast of what those moves are. Why, might I ask, does that information need to be readily available? Must people know that:

at 8:37am you ate wheaties for breakfast
at 9:12am you are back in bed despite your goal of going for a morning run
at 11:30am you've decided to start your day and are in the shower
at 1:29pm you're en route to your local bookstore to find art history books
at 1:58pm you've abandoned your search and are going to peruse instead (better prices)
at 2:14pm you stopped in Duane Reade to buy sprite
at 2:46pm you had an awkward encounter with your ex and are now crying unabashedly on a street corner while updating your status and ruminating over a love lost
at 2:53pm you're on your way back to Duane Reade, because now you need ice cream to soothe your mental anguish
at 2:59pm you are contemplating moving to Vermont because Duane Reade has no ice cream and the Ben and Jerry's headquarters is some where in New believe Vermont but maybe it's Maine....yeah...maybe you're moving to main or why not Alaska? It’s cold there.


First off, why does anyone think that anyone really cares to know all of this information? And if they do care to know, why do they care to know? And why do you want them to know? Is your life any less fulfilling if people aren't interested in knowing what's going on in it at every turn? I think not. The only practical purpose Twitter could serve is if you’re interrogated by the police and can’t remember what you were doing on Friday, January 9th at 7:09pm, (debating whether or not to have brussel sprouts or cabbage with my fried whiting) you can just consult twitter…your handy e-alibi. I guess it’s not really an alibi so much as a log that will refresh your memory in the event that you do actually have an alibi, but you get my drift.
Twitter- I don’t like it.

Below are hilarious videos that illustrate perfectly why Twitter is a problem!
Watch them in succession."

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Radio Rose

I have been on my Adobe Illustrator grind!

If you have read or follow my blog, you can recall me doing Dee & Ricky's birthday flyer. With that being said, I've gotten a lot of praise for it! I was contacted by Ann Akiri who works for Diesel and I designed a flyer for 55DSL, and I got much praise for that too :)! Radio Rose of Missbehave saw my flyers and contacted me, and I am now working with her. I just created a cutesy logo for her, and I must say I love it!

Check it out!

Lego Bows, Bows and Hair....

We're going to act like I've been faithfully bloging, and not mention it.

So, Finally Dee came through ( and made me hair bows. I made my own headband from the logo heart pendant! I <3 THEM!

So apparently I will be starting a Trend. Check the photos.

My pooh Jasmine, did her own thing with bows, and its so cutesie!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sorry ALL

I have been busy. But I will begin new post soon!