Wednesday, September 24, 2008

COCO CHANEL (life time movie)

COCO CHANEL (Life Time Version)

If you have time...if you don't make sit back and watch the story. If you call yourself a Fashionista, Stylist, Model, F. Desniger etc you should have already seen it...if not you can click the above link.
It's not the best story, and the second image is the Warner Brothers poster for the non-TV version...but anything about COCO Chanel is worth watching in my eyes.
If this does not move you to keep on pursuing your DREAM in the Fashion Industry, maybe you should make a career in sleeping!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mi$$iE Ri¢h Sweat Shirt!!

In production now! After three years of designing, for myself and others, not eating (no money), over-time at work, job applications, blood, sweat & tears...I am finally emerging to do what I have wanted to do since I was in high school!
Here is the 1st sweat shirt, will be selling them on my msypace page & in soho...holla at me for more information.

Mi$$ie Ri¢h Love Sick Not So Lazy!!!!!


Check it out..I was having a problem developing my character/logo for my clothing line. I am sooo happy I have finally added the "umph" to make Missie Rich just as Fine as Jessica Rabbit and more Fashionable then Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty, & Daisy Duck with more sass for that ASS.
I am so happy with the out some I actually clapped for myself. This has been an on going project for two months. The concept was born back in November, but my skill level in illustrator put this on the back burner but clearly I got better. Tell me what you think!?!!?!
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Keep'n Your Love Locked Down <3! You LOSE!

Okay, most of you who know me personally, know I don't have cable or a TV, so I am always late getting the news of reality tv, general news, music videos...etc. This song, Love Lockdown, by Kanye West I heard less than 20 mins ago which means I am three days late!!! My boss asked me had I seen it, and I'm like I went to to see it...and it blew me the fuck away! This song, explains a certain situation I am currently going through at the moment. It couldn't have came at a better time. The lyrics and beat, send chills up my spine...gosh. I am rather speechless, and I'm going to stop this post right now. LOCK DOWN! (Till we lose control system over-load)


PS. I think this is about his ex-fiance...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mi$$ie Ri¢h Love Sick & Lazy

So, over the past few months, I've been studying cartooning, character art, and it's been a long journey trying to create this character, I am not 100% done with her, but I am satisfied with the outcome. I hope to make her more sexy, with boobs and a fat butt, but I am just too drained with this project. Starting a clothing line, is hard work, it's been a dream of mine, since I was in High School and several years later, I am making things happen. Be on the look out for my stickers!
I have been getting off track, with my love life, however that never seems to work, since I love too hard, and that in itself is draining, time consuming, and a whole other project! So many of my friends have been so supportive of me, and I've been leaving everyone in suspense for far too long. Blah, so that's really the motivation to make me push forward with my endeavors. In less then two weeks I will have my hand bags made, and lots of other goodies to come.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Hello Kitty Nippon Back Pack, $45.00, Naturally it's sold out. SMFH -.-

Mad Steez X Boost Mobile

Here is the messenger bag, which is part of the Mad Steez x Boost Mobile collection. Mad Steez X Boost was the first out of a series of four bag series to debut which was, First seen at Magic February 2008. I have the messenger bag, that is really made and designed for graffiti artist. There are compartments for markers, pens and spray cans. I use mine for over night trips to friends houses LOL. This bag is a good conversation piece, I've gotten "bagged" while carrying this bag. LMAO!

Bags can be purchased @

Claw Money X Boost Mobile

First and Foremost I <3 Collaborations!!
They're always DOPE. Two Heads are always Better than one...
Read on...
I got this backpack & fanny pack courtesy of Roxy Cottontail/Baby Rox I've had the backpack all of two day's and when I rocked it, I got stopped more than three times, to ask where I got it from. Boost Mobile and Claw collaboration, its hot right? Boost Mobile collaborated with other graffiti artist too, like Mad Steez, ( to make a collection of bags. Including fanny packs! YAY!

Girl on Girl Throw Back

Flyer I did, a few weeks back for Sway.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sway Monday September 8, 2008 Flyer

Peep this,
If you have ran across me on you may have seen some of my work! If not, this is the latest. A flyer I did for Sway, the start of Fashion week. I am pretty much in awe every time I design something new, because I keep perfecting my talent! This is all hand traced and Illustrated in Adobe Illustrator. The baby rox logo, and of course the Missie Rich Logo, both done by Moi! I got the Idea for three Kid Sister Flyers..and I meshed them all together. Go to Sway, its Fun, Free, and Lots of cool people to network with.

Monday, September 1, 2008


This dude named Kari, sits on a milk crate in Soho, painting shades. Since I moved here in January, interned at Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream, I've seen him in, around about the same spot (everyday), right outside Express, near Forever 21, there he is just creating. My friend Alyse, a sun glass fanatic, bought a pair a few months back and I kept telling myself, I should get me a pair. Finally today Labor Day I went on a search for end of summer sales at my normal spots like Urban and H&M and didn't find shit. So I walked by Kari (for like the 3rd time) today, and talked with him for a while ended up getting two pairs, and since I am his "favorite", he hooked me up (THANKS). I really think it was my Texas accent. ;)
***So alright now Ya'll gotta go cop a pair, he "be" there everyday, no matter how hot or cold it is, hes making some custom painted shades...get a pair, support your local artist, we are those who bring you the flyest shit, you rock so well.

Take the D, F or Downtown 6 to Broadway Lafayette, exit the station start walking towards prince street, you will see Kari, tell him Kalyn the light skin, blonde haired, Texas girl sent you.



Listen Fashionistas...
I am so not down with white after labor day, call me old-fashioned, call me SERIAL MOM, but you will not catch Kalyn AKA, Mi$ie Rich in them!
Ladies Monday September 1, 2008, is the last day, I want to see any Fashionista in white pumps, gladiators, or flats.
Originally, the rule was more along the lines of "Only wear white shoes between Memorial Day and Labor Day." The rule was ruled out, by some Fashion Gods, but I beg to differ! I just think it's tacky! I am not a stuck up person, but I will turn my nose, when I see such a sight. "Winter White" clothing (e.g., cream-colored wool) is acceptable, but iffy, and is best worn between Labor Day and Memorial Day.

Nails Look Too DOPE!

Wow, this shit is crazy, Kudos to the Brooklyn Nailery for hooking a sista up for $22.00.
Ladies, send me your coolest nail designs...I am so in love with painting my nails!