Friday, August 22, 2008

$way Before My Night Got BAD!!

My tits look like Firm Juicy Peaches. Perky is so 2008! Gotta Love the American Apparel Dress!
Left my camera @ home, but got this Nice photo, done by Tone!
I had too much to drink that night, have a nasty gash/bruise on my precious, soft light skinded thighs to never forget (LOL) -.-
Lost about forty dollars and my Rumor (cell phone).
Thanks to Swinton & Zena for trying their hardest to look out for me.

It's Not Fashion It's A Fucking Religion!

Lo Lifes
Polo U.S.A (United Shoplifting Association)
Ralphie's Kids

Many of you know, other's have no idea, but the Lo Lifes, were the first to make Polo, hot in the streets. I don't personally worship or glorify the way Lo Lifes went about getting their polo gear, but I do respect their Hustle. Making polo, no longer just a Fashion, and not a Classic Icon of ritzy-ness but a Lifestyle to make money, get girls, eat well, and of course dress Fly (by accumulating as much LO as they could)! Rack Lo & Thirstin Howl created the crew Lo Lifes which joined forces with Polo U.S.A and Ralphie's Kids, all from Brooklyn (Crown Heights & Brownsville) in 88'. By 89' the crew had members in the 90's and they would run up in Malls, and Manhattan stores Like Bloomies, BFO's, Century 21, and straight take what they wanted, that was Polo. They even went so far as to organize a Million Man Rush, where many of them rushed Bloomingdale's Goon Style and snatched up all the Polo they wanted. It's amazing how the LO's turned something like clothing into a Religion! Being respected and worshiped, even stoned (Like Jesus) (not Literal but you get what I'm saying) for rocking LO. Many people were Killed and Jailed during this movement, but I believe this should be added to Fashion History Books, or a least a true or false question (even Bonus ?) in Fashion History 101. The way the Fashion world works from the Top like Ralph Lauren's Empire down to the Lo Lifes boostin' and flauntin' in BK is crazy!!?! Lo Lifes are still making money, now that other's want to get their hands on some of those classic vintage pieces, which can run you Thousands of Dollars. You can read more about the Lo Lifes (great interview) at also check their offical website out too

I wish Polo would bring back that style & design!! Shit was Crazy. Check out Ezra Wines site!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I've got Hella $kiLLZ

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Virgin Fingers

I am a net Virgin, unskilled, lost, curious, yet willing to go all the way! I am new to this Blogging shit, so trust and believe me, I am going in Raw but I got my Condom on! I've got a lot going on in my life, very positive, creative, cool things always happening, (like long drunken nights, open bars, mini dresses, making money, coming up with cool shit) and hanging with cool people. I'm a Graphic & Fashion designer, trying to build a team for my Company Mi$$ie Ri¢h, all I can say is stay tuned.