Friday, June 19, 2009

Where does FATE lay in Relationships?! Kelis & Nas!

Breakups are often times never easy, but Public Ones can be far more painful ;(. I love Kelis, since her star track days. That is where my obsession began, a blue curly hair girl that was what I'd call a rebel who in many ways reminded me of myself. I have followed her career, and when I heard she'd married Nas, I was so Happy for her. Nas, is a smooth sexy dude, "on the low" lol, nonetheless black love is a beautiful thing. I have always had an infatuation with New York men. I have had my share of encounters, and it never matters, if you get on their bad side, its just bad. So my question is more for myself, is there hope for me after this? Like if Kelis and Nas can't stay together...who can? LOL, is this a valid question? I don't know!? All I know is that, their love and life seen through images, looked happy! All good things must come to an end, as well as bad. I heard, that Kelis got pregnant in an attempt to keep their relationship going, but I assume it might have done more damage then help. So now she's broke and asking for $80,000 g's a month. I just believe in working things out, and for the sake of Nas, it's cheaper to keep her! Please just work it out, such a Fab couple, and I hate to see this get ugly. :'(


JADE*ILLeen said...

holy crap.. 80 g's a month... is whole lotta money. But if he's willing to put it up I would assume mostly for the child then whatevs.
in relationships, things turn sour, love is Harrrrd. lol.. me and my boo are pushing 4 years, living together for 2, and right now we have to keep reminding each other why we loveed in the first place.
I heard rumors she left him cuz he was cheating too much. Now that is bad, it would be cheaper for them to stay together but that just aint right, if he couldn't keep his wee-wee to himself or just to her, then he has to deal with the consequences.

B-RAE said...

I feel you Gyrl! WHO!?!

Missie Rich said...

I heard she cheated!!!