Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh HELL TO THA NAW!!!!!!!!

Apparently or even allegedly, this 18 year old girl pictured above feel asleep while being tattooed. She asked for 13 stars on her face and ended up with 56!!!! WTF! I would be killing this artist right now! Not only is this a horrifying story, the shit just looks ugly as fuck dog! The artist is saying she asked for that amount, but most tattoo artist, who care about their work will talk you out of something so ugly/tacky. Maybe he feel asleep too, or wait, look as his face. Face tattoos can be nice, if done correctly, like Dangers, hers is pretty. I hope this little girl sends a message out to everyone, tattoo nightmares are fucking real! Thank goodness I have a great relationship with my tattoo artist. For more information on this story, click here.


VictoriaChanel♥ said...

DAMN ! ! ! ! !
He Fckedd Her Up ! ! !
Damnnnnnnnnnnnn .
Lol .
Thats Triflin' .


Missie Rich said...


JADE*ILLeen said...

nononoooo that is some bullshit!!
i read the article she said she wanted 3 stars by her eye... if you only wanted 3 stars how you don't feel someone tattooing your NOSE? she's retarded... getting a tat is super exciting you just don't fall asleep... you are anxious and curious to see how it comes out. if he drugged her... then that's different.. God forbid... but saying she just fell asleep and didn't reaize mad stars were getiing needled in to her face... thats rubbish